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Agromehanika AGT 1055

  • Skills: Research, Concept design, Styling, 3D CAD model, manufacturing data

  • Client: Agromehanika d.d

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    Agromechanika, tractor design, WERKEMOTION


01. Intro

Project Description

Agromehanika AGT 1055

Tractor design

Introducing the new AGT 1055 tractor series designed by WERKEMOTION. AGT tractors are made to perform complex tasks in agriculture and horticulture.

Agromehanika AGT 1055 series tractor is designed for different agricultural, gardening and forestry applications and by installing some additional technical features it can also be used for public utility works.

Product Video

Agrotehnika_AGT1060 Tractor_Main image_Design by Werkemotion

02. Design Process


Werkemotion Design Studio created a new design language for the AGT 1055. We transformed the main ideas from sketches to 3D models for manufacturing.


Euro 5 motor




More power
Less consumption


Accessible spare


Concept Stage

Search for visual identity started with the sketching phase. It takes several iterations to create a unique design language while respecting clients' needs and manufacturability

Agromehanika_AGT1055_Tractor Design_Sketch developmet_Design by Werkemotion
Agromehanika_AGT1055_Sketch Development 01_Design by Werkemotion

Prototyping Stage

We closely collaborated with Agromehanika engineers to merge a new visual identity with all technical requirements of modern agricultural machinery

Agromehanika_AGT1055_3D Development 01_Design by Werkemotion
Agromehanika_AGT1055_Design CAD Development_Design by Werkemotion

03. Development

Design Process

Our team provides services during the whole product development.
From first ideation, visualizations, and 3D modelling for manufacture to the supervision of final fit and finish

Agromehanika_AGT1055_Sketch Development_Design by Werkemotion

04. Accessories

Cabin and Bullbar

The next visual challenge was to equip AGT 1055 with a cabin. The tractor cabin is optional equipment. However, the design had to be optimized for both open and closed versions.

The cabin shields the user from natural elements. Now it is possible to continue with work in any weather.

Agromehanika AGT 1055_Tractor design visualization_Design by Werkemotion

05. 3D Preview


Rotate the model to view AGT 1055 with cabin and bullbar at different angles

06. Before & After

It's not just about nice thing

Compare an old AGT 860 and a brand new AGT1055 designed by the Werkemotion team.

new AGT1055
old AGT 860

07. Media

They wrote about us


“I am really satisfied with the product at all not just design. Whole product is superb and its beautiful result of cooperation between design and engineering. So between WERKEMOTION design studio and Agromehanika.”

Agromehanika_AGT1055_Tractor Design visualization side_Design by Werkemotion

08. Client

Pulsar expo s.r.o.

Agromehanika D.D.

Agromehanika D.D. is a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery in Central and South-Eastern Europe. For the last 50 years, Agromehanika has been the synonym for quality, reliability and development – characteristics appreciated by numerous farmers and business partners. The company was first developed at the end of the 1960s.

In recent years, the products are now present in more than 30 countries worldwide. You can find their dealers in Europe, Asia, Africa or Australia.

The cooperation with Werkemotion started at the Agritechnica fair a few years ago when they presented themselves as young start-up. At that time we didn’t pay so much attention to the design of our products but more about technical excellence. We just started a project of a new tractor model at that time. They took over the design and the results were excellent. They exceeded our expectations and also the sales results show that it was the right decision to outsource the design to professionals like Werkemotion. Now, The tractor is ready and selling is above our expectations.

— Anže Šinkovec

Agromehanika d.d., Commercial manager and Board member

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