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KVANT – Spectrum

  • Skills: Full design dev process

  • Client: KVANT Lasers

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  • Design Awards: Red dot, German Innovation Award, BigSee Design Award



Project Description


Professional laser display device for the field of advertisement, art and entertainment

Kvant Spectrum is a professional laser display device in the entertainment, art and industrial sector. Brand new Spectrum and Atom lasers set new benchmarks and bring new material and designs to the market.

Product Video

Design Awards

They like our design


Design Process


Attractive design and robust construction were developed in cooperation between Werkemotion R&D Design Studio, Kvant Lasers, and the Slovak Academy of Sciences. 

Design Dev Video


Protective Line-X coating


Thanks to foamed aluminium


Aluminium body


Ensure precise laser projection


For stable performance


Concept Stage

In Werkemotion Design Studio we created a new design language for the KVANT Lasers product line. All innovations in material and manufacturing are reflected in the exterior styling.

The centre of the design is a window with a laser - it highlights the main functional part of the device. Surfaces, colours and frames were designed to visually reduce the size of the object and increase the durability and visual lightness of the device. The stainless steel handle is insulated and, thanks to the rubberized inner part, increases comfort.

KVANT_development_design by WERKEMOTION
Kvant Spectrum-visualisation
KVANT_design by WERKEMOTION_development

Prototyping Stage

The Spectrum is made of foamed aluminium, which has never been used in Laser device fields.

The advantage of this material is the lower weight (up to 50% than conventional aluminium), easy recyclability, high rigidity, shock absorption, damping of noise, vibration, electromagnetic waves, temperature resistance and it allows to create different styling in this industry. The final surface is covered with a special protective coating with high scratch resistance.

Kvant Spectrum-foamed aluminium
Kvant Spectrum-Foamed Aluminium
Kvant Spectrum-product-lineX

3D Preview

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03. Development

Design Process

Werkemotion Design Studio closely collaborated with Kvant and Slovak Academy of Science engineers to merge a new visual identity with all technical requirements. The result is a product that stands out at the same time in design and construction innovation. Both aspects are necessary to differentiate the brand from competition and attract new customers.

KVANT_Design Sketches_Design by WERKEMOTION
KVANT_Technical view_Design by WERKEMOTION

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04. Before & After

It's not just about nice thing

All innovations in material and manufacturing are reflected in the exterior styling. Thanks to foamed aluminum we were able to push the design language and functionality of laser casings.

This development resulted in an instantly recognizable visual identity which helps to differentiate Kvant products from any other manufacturer in the professional laser display equipment field.

New Kvant Unit
Old Kvant Unit

05. Shape Registration

Legal Protection

Our Legal Department covers the process of obtaining a shape registration of Spectrum and Atom Lasers.

Thanks to that are these devices and all development costs protected by European Union Intellectual Property Office.

KVANT_Shape Registration_design by WERKEMOTION

06. Client

KVANT spol. s.r.o.

KVANT spol. s.r.o.

The company KVANT spol. s r.o. was established in 1995. Over the years of its existence, it has achieved significant success in the development and production of its own products, has won several awards at exhibitions and currently more than 80% of its production is exported to more than 50 countries.
It also distributes technical equipment to various fields of science and research, industry and education.
KVANT LASERS and WERKEMOTION cooperation - Review

“If you would like to level up your product (therefore business) to another level, I really suggest you to cooperate with Werkemotion.

They all are professionals with skills, experiences and ideas which can help grow your business. We have been cooperating with this company for years and for that time they brought to our portfolio amazing innovations. Great job!”

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