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Automotive design

Tractor concept design

  • Skills: Full design dev process

  • Client: Pulsar expo s.r.o.

  • Project link:

  • Tags:

    Forestry, tractor, tractor concept, tractor face

  • Design Awards: Red dot, German Innovation Award, BigSee Design Award


01. Intro

Project Description

Tractor design


Werkemtion internal project to create various tractor concept designs. 

Tractors are not only essential for modern agriculture and farming practices, but they also play a significant role in construction, transportation, and other industries.

As such, it’s important for tractor manufacturers to design machines that are recognizable and visually appealing to consumers.

Tractor Concept 01_Design by Werkemotion
Tractor Concept 02_Design by Werkemotion

02. Face

The front face of a tractor is a critical element of its design, as it is the part that is most visible and immediately recognizable.

Tractor Concept 03_Design by Werkemotion
Tractor Concept 04_Design by Werkemotion
Tractor Concept 05_Design by Werkemotion
Tractor Concept 06_Design by Werkemotion

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