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  • Skills: Full design development process

  • Client: PBX GmbH

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01. Intro

Project Description


Zero-emission technology for conditioned transport

ECOS M24 is a new transport refrigeration solution specifically designed for electric vehicles, allowing the delivery of temperature-sensitive foodstuff or pharmaceutical products to their destination reliably and without emitting any CO2.

ECOS M24 - design by WERKEMOTION design studio

02. Design Process


ECOS M24 line consists of outer and inner units. Together they create a system capable of delivering temperature-sensitive products to their destination without emitting any CO2.

ECOS M24 - White cargo view - design by WERKEMOTION


Up to 15 % more payload at same cooling capacity


Natural refrigerant (GWP<1)


Maximum driving range thanks to best volumetric efficiency


Ideal for electric light commercial vehicles < 3.5 tons


Cost and energy efficient


Concept Stage

A new fresh visual needed to be created to reflect modern emission free refrigeration technology designed specifically for electric vehicles.

ECOS M24 product line needed to stand out on the market of mobile refrigeration units and at the same time reflect new trends in automotive design relating to electric mobility.

Werkemotion design team create unique design language for both refrigeration units thanks to complete design process from hand sketch - 3D concept model - Manufacturing data.

Werkemotion Sketch development
ECOS M24 by PBX_Sketch Development_design by WERKEMOTION

Prototyping Stage

Both units had specific technical demands shaping final design. Intake and outtake grills of both units had to be designed to meet individual airflow requirements to ensure proper function of the system.

During design process the goal was to keep similar design language traits on both units despite the differences in construction of the two units.

WE prepare all outer surface with all manufacturing requirements.

ECOS M24 by PBX_Unit on Van_design by WERKEMOTION
ECOS M24 by PBX_Unit on Van_design by WERKEMOTION

03. Development

Design Process

Werkemotion Design Studio closely collaborated with PBX engineers to merge a new visual identity with all technical requirements. The result is a product that stands out at the same time in design and technological innovation. Both aspects are necessary to differentiate the brand from the competition and attract new customers.


ECOS M24 by PBX_Outer Unit technical_design by WERKEMOTION


ECOS M24 by PBX_Inner Unit technical_design by WERKEMOTION
ECOS M24 by PBX - design by WERKEMOTION

04. Before & After

It's not just about nice thing

From simple box to complex and modern product

New ECOS M24
Old ECOS M24

05. Shape Registration

Legal Protection

Our Legal Department covers the process of obtaining a shape registration of ECOS M24 Outer and Inner unit.

Thanks to that are these devices and all development costs protected by European Union Intellectual Property Office.

ECOS M24 by PBX_Outer Unit Shape registration_design by WERKEMOTION

06. Client



PBX GmbH is an international tech company, a full-service provider of clean cooling solutions, zero-emission logistics, and digital transport solutions.

As a full-service provider, we offer you environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions. For the conditioned transport of sensible foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products for example. But also for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems based on natural refrigerants. First-class engineering services and digital services round our offer.

Digital natives and full-blooded engineers; Environmental innovators, and passionate thinkers. Your business partner for sustainable mobile cooling and transport refrigeration solutions based in the north of Vienna, Austria.

Dominik Radler
``The end result is so far beyond anything I imagined. Just great work from you guys.``

— Dominik Radler


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