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WE are winners of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2023

WERKEMOTION design studio and KVANT Lasers

Winners of the iF Design Award 2023




We are proud to announce that our design studio WERKEMOTION has won the iF Design Award 2023 in the category “Product – Industry” for the series of KVANT LASERS, which we developed together with the Slovak academy of Science.

This is one of the most prestigious design competitions worldwide, which included more than 10 000 submissions from over 49 countries.

Kvant Portfolio Image_Design by Werkemotion


The Spectrum is made of foamed aluminium, developed by the Slovak academy of Science, which has never been used in Laser device fields.

The advantage of this material is the lower weight (up to 50% less than conventional aluminium), easy recyclability, high rigidity, shock absorption, damping of noise, vibration, electromagnetic waves, temperature resistance and it allows to create different styling in this industry. The final surface is covered with a special protective coating with high scratch resistance.


In Werkemotion Design Studio we created a new design language for the KVANT Lasers product line. All innovations in material and manufacturing are reflected in the exterior styling.

The centre of the design is a window with a laser – it highlights the main functional part of the device. Surfaces, colours and frames were designed to visually reduce the size of the object and increase the durability and visual lightness of the device. The stainless steel handle is insulated and, thanks to the rubberized inner part, increases comfort.


Berlin, Germany 2023


photo credit: iF Design Award

360° Rotation

Suitable for right- and left-handed users

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